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Proofreading & Editing
...of your dissertation, thesis, and other texts

What we can do for you...

When proofreading, we check spelling, grammar, upper and lower case, gender-appropriate spelling, hyphenation, typing errors, punctuation, etc in your work. This service is ideal for your bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or diploma thesis including

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Upper and lower case

  • Syllable separation

  • Typing errors

  • Gender-appropriate spelling

  • Consistency of footnotes

 From 3,00 € per page à 1,500       characters including blank spaces

In addition to the services of proofreading, we optimize your writing style and expression, review the technical terms used, incorporate synonyms and clarify phrases and idiomatic expressions. The «red thread» of your work is also checked. We recommend proofreading for master theses, diploma theses an in particular dissertations. The same services are included as with proofreading plus

  • Optimization of the writing style

  • Refinement of the expression

  • Introduction of synonyms

  • Review of technical terms

  • Clarification of formulations and phrases

From 4,00 € per page à 1,500      characters including blank spaces


  • Standardization of the layout according to your faculty’s specifications

  • List of figures

  • List of table

  • List of abbreviations

  • Standardization of spelling (expressions, abbreviations, etc. )

  • Alignment of terms in italics and terms in quotation marks

 From 0,50 € per page à 1,500       characters including blank spaces

A plagiarism check gives you the opportunity to have your texts professionally checked for plagiarism and to verify if you cited all your sources correctly. It can help detect so-called «hidden texts» in your work. For academic staff, students of all universities and colleges, students and authors of SEO texts.

Scan for matches with a professional, market-leading plagiarism software
4-eye comparison of all original text passages and sources with potentially plagiaristic text sections done by us
Text release after check done twice

From 49,90 € depending on text length

Done in 30 minutes from first contact

Scan for matches with professional, market-leading plagiarism software
Transmission of plagiarism test report to you
You check your own work for potentially plagiaristic-suspicious text sections (if necessary with our help).

From 19,90 € depending on text length

So far editing and proofreading work, plagiarism checks, etc. carried out in the areas of

  • Accounting & Controlling

  • Agricultural Sciences

  • Archaeology

  • Architecture

  • Art History

  • Austrian and European Public Law

  • Biology

  • Business Administration

  • Business Economics

  • Business Management

  • Child and Family-centered Social Work

  • Civil Engineering and Construction Management

  • Communications

  • Construction Planning and Construction Industry

  • Corporate Law and International Business Law

  • Educational Research and Education

  • Existential Analysis

  • Food Technology and Nutrition

  • Financial Accounting

  • German Studies

  • History

  • Hungarology

  • Industrial Management

  • Information, Media & Communication

  • International Business Studies

  • Law

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Medicine

  • Music History

  • Natural Resources and Life Sciences

  • Plant Construction

  • Process Engineering

  • Psychology

  • Psychosocial Counselling

  • Public Management

  • Service Engineering & Management

  • Social Work

  • Social and Economic Sciences

  • Transport and Logistics Management what we will do for you – uncompromisingly.

 Team KORREKTURDIENST– Korrektur, Lektorat, Plagiatsprüfung

KORREKTURDIENST is a family business from Styria, Austria, which specializes in proofreading, editing, plagiarism checks and text optimization including formatting. As a student, doctoral candidate or research assistant, you can have your work proofread, edited and/or formatted by us at reasonable prices – be it your dissertation, paper, diploma thesis, master's thesis or bachelor thesis. KORREKTURDIENST is also an uncomplicated and reliable partner with handshake quality for corporations, companies, and publishers.


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